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Donald Trump’s Win, America’s Frustration and the Manipulative Alien Presence

Americans and people around the world need to “wake up” to borrow words from David Icke who has investigated a reported manipulative alien presence on our planet Earth.  Based upon the insights of David Icke and reseachers who include Dr. Michael Salla, and alien contactees like Alex Collier, Americans and other people around the world who share in the frustration of Donald Trump’s victory have mistaken the U.S. Presidential Elections for a ‘democratic process’.  The U.S. Presidential Elections has four apparent purposes that have nothing to do with the idea that these elections were an expression of America as a ‘Great Democracy’.

You see, the substance of America is not that it is a ‘democracy’.  The substance of America is that it is an Empire.  An Empire is essentially a fascist system of governance that is based around advancing the interests of a military-industrial complex.  A democracy that operates under a framework of responsible and representative government can never substantively function in a society like America.

In America, the rulers of its Empire tolerates democracy and apparently view it as serving for purposes in the last U.S. Presidential Election in which Donald Trump and other U.S. Presidential Elections before it.

In America, the “appearance” of democracy is there to (1) legitimate the pre-established directions of the Empire; (2) act an an interesting entertainment spectacle for the masses to give them the illusion of having substantive control in the direction of their society; (3) to divide and rule the masses so they are in a constant state of acrimony and fruitless debates with each other; and (4) to distract the masses into any critical discussion of public policy which would effect the pursuit of insatiable commercial profit and globalized control of the rules of the Empire who in turn seek a perpetuated state of war that will further inspire public support for the military-industrial complex.

It is apparent that the U.S. Republican and Democratic Parties are completely artificial constructs designed by the Empire for these roles.  Whoever is elected as President of the United States is not substantively a “representative of the people” but rather the publicly legitimated face of the Empire.

The U.S. President is therefore required to serve the agenda of the Empire, and to manage the American people and global public opinion in behalf of the Empire.  Donald Trump served his purpose in the U.S. Election and can only do what the Empire has endorsed him to do.  Donald Trump will no be allowed to carry out any part of his stated Agenda during the Election that the Empire does not endorse him to do.  However, such statements would have served the role as a distracting entertainment spectacle.

In the rulers of the Empire want him to build a wall on America’s border with Mexico, then that’s what he will seek to do.  If the Empire does not want him to actually build a wall then he will find a way to cancel such a previously statement commitment as an agenda that he does not intent to pursue.

The American people’s popular endorsement of America’s role as a Global Superpower that wages perpetuated wars is at the very heart of systemic social, economic and environmental problems.  But such a debate no time soon will likely form the basis of any U.S. presidential campaign by a major candidate.

Perhaps no phrase captures the U.S. Presidential Election than William Shakespeare’s “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances…” Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton played their roles brilliantly in behalf of the Empire distracting Americans from any substantive debate on the real issues that are at the heart of the American people’s desire for change.

Both Trump and Clinton were allowed to run for President of the United States because they both supported the fascist ideals of the military-industrial complex and would both play their roles into creating an entertaining spectacle that would keep Americans distracted from substantive issues.

By picking Trump and then coralling Americans to endorse their choice, the Empire might be seeking a controversial figure head to endorse policies that support the Empire toward further oppression that will create sufficient public demonstrations that will eventually legitimate uses of force in the pursuit of a sought “New World Order” run by archons.

It was Dwight Eisenhower who back in 1961 had warned Americans about the dangers of the military industrial complex

Dr. Michael Salla has expanded on the idea of a military-industrial complex to include his representation that this complex is being operated under a manipulative alien presence which in turn is responsible for systemic problems in America and around the world.  Dr. Salla identifies this problems in his “Typology of Extraterrestrials” in which he identifies alleged alien activity which has undermined America’s constitutional ideals.

In the above video you will hear a speech by Robert F Kennedy before he was assassinated in his pursuit to become the President of the United States in the late 1960’s.  It is apparent that such thoughtfulness that is the basis for the substantive change that Americans seek will simply not be allowed by the Empire into the public discourse of American Presidential Elections that would awaken the masses in ways the Empire does not want.

John Lash suggests that Empires that have all created havoc on Earth throughout our planet’s history have been run by ‘archons’ that are the “humanized face of manipulative aliens” that have sought to exploit and parasitize the human mind specifically and our biosphere in general.

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