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Manipulative Aliens: Nigel Kerner Explores Robotoid Entities Abducting Men, Women and Children

In the above video, Nigel Kerner explore manipulative artificial alien life forms that have been abducting men, women and children allegedly to assit with the cloning of humans toward the creation of a new life form that would enforce the enslavement of humans.

Nigel Kerner began asking the questions that led over a period of thirty years to the publication of his two books with a question asked to him by his son Darren, then twelve years old:

“Dad, are UFOs real?”

His initial response was sceptical as his own background was science based but he felt his son deserved more than a knee jerk response and decided he would look more deeply into the subject. He began by looking at the evidence for the phenomenon which he initially found surprisingly substantial and later on, overwhelmingly convincing.

Mr. Kerner then moved on to examining the theories for its presence on this planet. Unsatisfied that these theories provided a persuasive reason for the agenda behind alien visitation or a coherent rational and logical explanation for the true origins of the alien entities sojourn on our planet, he broadened his search. This took him into a deeper exploration and study of the individual sciences he was unfamiliar with and a comprehensive study of ancient texts with a bearing on the main religions of the world, amongst them the Bible the Koran, the Dhamma, the Mahabarata, the Kabbala and the Gnostic texts annotating Christian belief thrown out by the Christian church at the Convocation of Nicea.

He was also prompted by the nature of evidence for the alien phenomenon to look into research in cell biology, bio-chemistry and theoretical physics. Very soon Nigel realised that to explain the origins and agenda of these alien visitors would involve first explaining and understanding our own origins as human beings both from a philosophical and scientific perspective.

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